An Affordable Luxury Watch for Men and Women

An “affordable luxury watch for men can sound like a pipe dream. It can sound like an impossible thing that couldn’t possibly be real. Typically, either the words “affordable” or “luxury” are lies.  As in, an affordable watch that is actually only “affordable” is the purchaser is already very rich. Or, a “luxury watch” that is anything but luxurious, elegant or classy. However, Luxemont Watches has squared the circle, and made a luxury watch that is affordable to those who want it.

Affordable Luxury Watch: Best of All Worlds

There are situations that everyone wants a luxury watch for. People in business can benefit greatly from having a watch. It can make them look like they belong in any business scenario. Simply wearing a luxury watch can make someone look more serious and powerful. They are a perfect fit for any kind of formal dinner, gathering or event. By offering an affordable luxury watch line, Luxemont ensures that anyone who wants to get a luxurious watch can afford to do so.

Affordable Luxury Watch for men

The Best First Impression

Whenever someone sees an affordable luxury watch on your wrist, they aren’t seeing the “affordable” part. They can only see the luxury. Luxemont Watches are steeped in luxury. Each of them exudes a timeless class and elegance. They make an unparalleled first impression. When you see someone with one of these watches on, you know a lot of things about them instantly. You know they don’t settle, you know they have great taste, and you know they won’t compromise their style. Luxemont offers first impressions at affordable rates.

A Watch Men Can Afford

For less than $200, a man can have a watch with 18K yellow gold PVD. That may sound like it can’t possibly be true, but it is. These 40mm watches have polished yellow gold hands. Not only do they look like a million bucks (so to speak), they look like a million bucks worth of gold. Beyond the black enamel lacquer dial, the applied polished yellow gold indices make the entire watch stand out. Even with the black strap and dial, it will shine on a starry night.

Women Can Afford Luxury

There’s an affordable luxury watch available for every woman, as well. For example, the “Lady Maestro, Silver, White Dial” adds a level of fashion and class to anyone’s life, all for less than $200. The hands are a true stand out here. The polished silver somehow manages to shine even with the white enamel lacquer dial. On top of that, the blue small seconds hand gives the wearer a more accurate read of the time in a truly elegant way.

Luxury, Affordable, Luxemont

Luxemont Watches is the place to go to for a watch that combines the best of both luxury and affordability. There are gorgeous watches fit for royalty, all for economical prices that won’t break the budget. Just wearing a watch can do wonders for a person’s self esteem. To discover this (and more) for yourself, head over to site to see all that an affordable luxury watch can be.



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