Enamel Dial Watch: Turn Up the Class

The phraseenamel dial watchsounds simple and basic, as if it were something that every watch would have. Few things are further from the truth. It’s actually a sign of a very high-end watch. Watches with this kind of construction are some of the most elegant watches anywhere. This highly complex process makes some of the greatest, classiest watches anywhere. When you’re looking for the absolute best in watches, you want this dial. That’s why Luxemont Watches offers so many of them.

The Enamel Dial Watch Process

When people hear “enamel” they may thing that a construction process consists of simply slapping enamel on something and calling it a day. The process by which an enamel dial watch gets made is completely different, and very involving. Imagine the hottest oven you can. Truly scalding, incredibly hot. Now, imagine a soft glass (a majority of which is made from silica) being fused onto a metal substrate inside the oven. That’s the process by which these kinds of dial watches are made.

Enamel Dial Watch

Enamel Style for Men

Few things look more traditionally masculine than an elegant watch. They’re the ur-symbol for success in business. There’s a reason that every successful lawyer, athlete, movie star and the like wants to have an elegant, classy watch. For example, Luxemont’s “Maestro, Rose Gold, White Dial” watches has a white enamel lacquer. The white enamel practically glows. The entire watch looks brighter and shiner just from having an enamel dial. The applied polished rose gold indices are just the icing on the cake, then. They take the style of the watch to a whole other level.

Enamel for Women, Too

Incredible watches aren’t just for men. A watch can be a symbol of status, power, grace and elegance for women as well. There’s an enamel dial watch for every woman as well. They can show off her power in any situation. To that end, the “Lady Maestro, Silver, Black Dial” positively gleams. The black appears limitless, deep and vast. That all comes from the enamel. The dial is made of a black enamel lacquer, which can go with any style of clothing and make it look even better.

Selection of Enamel

There are so many different kinds of watches with enamel dials to choose from at Luxemont Watches.  They take that enamel and fuse it with so many other incredible attributes that it elevates the entire watch. In addition to the black enamel lacquer, the Lady Maestro also has silver polished hands. The genuine leather crocodile embossed strap ensures that the style of the watch is not limited to the timepiece itself. At 36mm, the watch is big enough that people will absolutely notice.

The Choice for an Enamel Dial

Luxemont Watches has all the watches with an enamel dial that someone could need. They also make sure that these watches are even greater than the sum of their parts. The process that builds that enamel dial may be lengthy, but the results speak for themselves. You can speak to Luxemont at their site about the best enamel dial watch.


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